Van Norman Molding LLC is an ISO 9001:2015 Registered Company, and a UL Recognized Molder. We have been a manufacturer of quality molded plastic products since 1934. To ensure maximum mold life and the best possible performance, our molds are built to SPI Class 101-103 standards.

Van Norman Molding LLC has placed significant importance on product design and engineering. We have completely integrated engineering, design, lean manufacturing and mold building services, providing our customers efficient and timely delivery of molds, products, and parts. Our mission is to satisfy all the needs of our customers.

We specialize in helping our customers through the DFM process to help create the best possible part designs for their applications. Most customers supply a complete design. Others want us to help improve a part design from an existing or similar part. In any case, our technical experts will make sure the final design is robust so your parts will perform to your – and our – uncompromising standards.

Our technical capabilities include:

  • More than 85 years of plastic mold making, design and manufacturing experience
  • Fully equipped CAD workstations
  • 3D design software
  • Gage design
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Moldflow Analysis
  • PPAP’s are supplied