Rely on Van Norman Molding for the quality custom molded plastic parts your business demands.

Since 1934, Van Norman Molding has been one of the most trusted names in thermoset injection molding and thermoplastic injection molding. With our commitment to innovation, insistence on quality and strong customer focus, we deliver the best possible plastic parts. Period. Van Norman Molding specializes in medium to high-volume production runs from quantities of 10,000 to 10 million.

Thermoset Molding

At Van Norman, we’ve optimized the thermoset molding process. In order to reduce costs, shorten cycle times, increase part consistency and improve structural integrity, we carefully design thermoset molds and mold builds. In addition, we use state-of-the-art thermoset molding techniques, such as in-mold pressure and temperature sensing.

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Thermoplastic Molding

Whether you are looking for insert molding solutions, high performance resins or large part thermoplastic molding with gas assist, Van Norman Molding understands thermoplastic molding. We have thermoplastic injection molding presses ranging from 50 to 400 tons, allowing us to manufacture a wide variety of thermoplastic parts.

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Engineering Services

You’ll work with one of our cross-functional teams consisting of representatives from our engineering, tooling, manufacturing and quality assurance departments. They review and optimize your part design, help select the appropriate molding process, and design a robust, durable mold. Our molds will run over 1,000,000 cycles before a refurbishment is needed.

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Our Proven Approach Works

As technical solutions experts, we’ll work closely with you to recommend the best process and material for your project.

Before we begin, we make sure your part design is robust – and if not, our experts will help optimize the design, by conducting a thorough design review. Next, we ensure you’ve selected the proper material for the job. Then we take into consideration in-mold sensing, testing and documentation of the molding process, along with how the material will respond during the processing conditions.

By carefully controlling the molding process, we ensure each part meets our stringent requirements – and most importantly, you get the high-performing plastic components you need for you to succeed.